Night Sky Journey fills a god-shaped hole in the media world. A dramatic claim? Indeed it is, however, it's our story and we're sticking with it. Though sites like Erowid, r/Psychedelics, and Shroomery allow psychonauts to share their experiences with others, they are not the most... how shall we put it... literary sites. Valuable? Yes. A pleasure to read? Hmm...

We want PROSE. Give us your PROSE! We seek to marry The Paris Review with trip reports, 

Think Baudelaire's Poem of Hashish:

"Colors will take an unaccustomed energy and smite themselves within your brain with the intensity of triumph.  Delicate, mediocre, or even bad as they may be, the paintings upon the ceilings will clothe themselves with a tremendous life. The coarsest papers which cover the walls of inns will open out like magnificent dioramas.  Nymphs with dazzling flesh will look at you with great eyes deeper and more limpid than are the sky and sea. Characters of antiquity, draped in their priestly or soldierly costumes, will, by a single glance, exchange with you most solemn confidences.  The snakiness of lines is a definitely intelligible language where you read the sorrowing and the passion of their souls."


The name of this literary journal was inspired by the phrase/archetype "night sea journey." 


Unless you're a Jungian or enjoy postmodernist literature  - it's the name of a story by John Barth - it may be unfamiliar phrase. 

The night sea journey, as defined by Diane Rosen (2016), is:


"a descent into the unknown where bounded consciousness and the limitless unconscious collide. Galvanized by its very contradiction, this "journey" is the crucible of personal development and all creative change (p. 118).

In situating this archetype skyward into the air vs. downward into the sea, we're trying to capture the artistic, spiritual, and ABSURD aspects of what it means to be a thoughtful 21st-century human explorer of inner space.  While humor and altered states of consciousness don't necessarily go together, we're interested in capturing those healing moments when they do. Unable to find an online journal that celebrated those moments, we started the Night Sky Journal (NJS).


The night sky journey is a close cousin of its aquatic adventurer, however, its emphasis is on the ethereal, "airier,"  Aquarian, and cerebral. Specifically, we seek to explore how the use of altered states of consciousness (both deliberate and "found") can help us to reduce suffering of all kinds. 

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